Picture of the librarian


Ms. Chauquis Johnson

Office Hours: 7:30-3:30


As an educator for 19 years, I believe it is my purpose to help students realize their passion and grow in it.  I was a Science teacher for 14 years and I realized that the past and the future lies in the library.  So I began to pursue a career in Library Science.  Duncanville the City of Champions has been an excellent ISD experience for me and I want to transfer that excellence to out students, families, and community.

The vision for Hastings Library is to be a welcoming place for students, teachers, and community members as we promote a love for reading and learning.  

The mission is to make the library a welcoming place, a place to learn to love to read while supporting student achievement and collaborating with teachers and administration.  


Should you have any questions about the virtual library please click the Ask the Librarian.